Prologue: The Window


The Window


That morning i was looking through the window as usual, with a cup of coffee thinking about this and that. I had things to do but i wasn’t in the mood for anything.

It was a sunny day in june, not very hot, pleasant, the usual people in hurry to get to work, the usual kids in hurry to get to school, just an usual morning rush.

It’s so pleasant to observe people and i encourage you to try that some day, get up early when everybody is asleep and feel the calm in the air, and as time passes, the first light spark, the first window open, the first people get out of the house and all starts to build up like a summer rain, a drop here, a drop there, then another, more and more, like termites, everybody is out, preparing for the day, getting the goods in front of the store, kissing the kids as they start walking to school, more sounds, more smells, more moving, more life. Look how funny it all feels, look how alive all feels.

Suddenly everything stopped [FX: slow motion ON] and i went in my head …

[Oh my God !!! How beautiful she is…….]

She was in a hurry, the face of a doll, spotless milky chocolate skin, no make-up i think, wearing glasses, not so tall, not so short, not very athletic, not chubby, strong feet and strong walk…….the eyes, i can’t see the eyes, oh!…….never mind, i can see the lips, awesome lips, no! noooo! fuck!……she went around the corner.

[FX: slow motion OFF]

Calm down man…….calm down…….time to go to the hospital.



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