Chapter Three: The Orphanage

Chapter Three

The Orphanage


I followed a country road to “Saint Mary Orphanage”, on both sides with green trees and yellow fields to an old wood house not very appealing to the eye but very welcoming to the heart, must be the kids around.

Stopped the car at the back of the house and went in the back of the car and changed myself in Bozo’s clothes, entered the house from the back door and stopped at the front exit.


All was staged with Mr. and Mrs. Fredrickson, Olaf and Alexandra, both norwegian by birth place that came here many years ago to treat their only daughter for a rare health condition.


Deep breath, opened the door and jumped out.


I was accompanied with hand operated yellow fireworks that burst in trails and the trails burst again with firework angels flying. I know, i know, the chinese are great.


They burst in laugh, with faces full of joy, big eyes, clapping their hands. Of course some little ones broke into tears but hey, you can’t control everything, you know, collateral damage.

– Who wants to see some magic ?!?!


– What do you think i have here, inside my hat ?

– A bird!

– A snake!

– An elephant!

[Say what kid ? An elephant ? Gee, that kid is funny.]

– Nooooooooo, it’s aaaaaaaa ……..

Removed my hat, reach my hand inside and pull it fast throwing a light trail in the air and BOOOOOM !!!

– raaaabbiiit !!!

They were stunned, you should see their faces and the surprise in their eyes.

– What’s your name cute girl ?

– Emily Appleton sir!

She jumped for joy.

– What do you like very much to eat but you are not allowed to ?


It’s not only her who answered, but all of the kids.

I reached to her year, tickle her ear a little and wooooosh, a candy out of her ear. She just stopped in shock, took the candy and sit down like a big rock falling.

– wwooooooooowwww…….

– Who wants candy?


– Emily, come here!

So i took my hammer and gave it to Emily.

– I want you to hit me as hard as you can!

I know the line was not appropriate but i always wanted to be Brad Pitt.

She took the hammer, looked at it, looked at me … stopped and put the hammer down.

– Are you alright Emily?

– Yes.

– Why did you stop?

– You gave me a candy …  you were kind to me …

– Sweet heart, we are just playing here and no one will be harmed and you know, magic requires some little sacrifices and i assure you we will both make the greatest magic trick for the day. What do you say, shall we ? You can hit me in my big clown hat.

She started to smile knowing she’ll do magic, reached for the hammer and BAAAAAAAM, she hit me in my big clown hat.

That moment the hat exploded and lots of candy fell in the grass.



We continued all day, to hit the Bozo targets i made the other day in a contest, to do magic and have fun.

Kids, their laugh, their faces, their eyes, therapy for the soul.


Time to sleep and they all wanted me to go in their room and tell a bed time story. They took my hand and rushed me upstairs, they were like ants with a big prize.

The room was so friendly with two rows of beds and colorful paper stars and moons and animals and trees. They all jumped in their beds and turned to me waiting.

Story, story, story …

Emily went:

– Don’t tell us you don’t know a story ?!

– Of course i know a story and here it is.

They all automatically lie in their beds and eyes fixed at me. I closed the light and carry on.

– Once upon a time, there was this little girl that lived in a farm and her best friend was a little yellow chicken. She fed the chicken, played with him and all the places she went the little yellow chicken was there.

But one morning, the little girl got up and surprise !!! The little yellow chicken wasn’t there.

She started calling him, searched him around the room, searched him around the house, searched him around the whole yard but there was no sign of him.

The little girl squat down with the arms around her knees and started crying. An owl came to her like a ghost in the wind and got next to her.

– I know who what happen with the little chicken, little girl …

The girl rise her eyes with rivers of tears in her eyes and with a big what happen on her face.

– It’s the cunning fox who took the little chicken.

– Are you sure owl ?

– Yes, i don’t know why, but i couldn’t sleep last night.

The little girl went to the rooster:

– Mister rooster, i need your help, the cunning fox took my little chicken and i fear something bad had happen to him.

– Ok girl, i’ll take the brave dog, the ninja cat, the strong horse and … “The Angels”.

– The Angels ?!

– The three crazy ducks! We will cause some trouble.

They all went away in the woods the brave dog sniffing the fox smell to her den, the strong horse would get the logs and the boulders out of the way.

And there they were, at the entrance of the cunning fox’s den. They all stopped and rooster whispered to “The Angels”.

– You go on there and do what you do best, scream and shout until you get the fox crazy and i will get inside and search for the little chicken. And here they were.

The crazy ducks entered the den and started the show, the rooster went inside and happiness filled his heart when he saw the little chicken untouched, he took him and went out.

The fox couldn’t take it anymore and went running out of the den but the dog bite her tail and throw her to the horse who kicked her with his stone like legs five counties away.

The little girl hugged the little yellow chicken and all the other friends hugged them and they went home for a delicious supper.

After that, there they were, all in beds, after they brushed teeth or beaks and went to sleep.

Good night everybody …



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