Chapter Four: Chit Chat

Chapter Four

Chit Chat


– Hello Dorothy! Can i see Mrs.Hackelby ?

– Hi handsome, she’s in her “office”.

Went through the maze and there she was, sparkly clean, perfectly brushed hair.

– Hello Mrs.Hackelby …

– Your really want me to beat you to death … bring a chair and strap yourself to it, we’ll be equal.

Ooooohhhh, that was a nice one i said to myself and smiled to the lady. She continued.

– What is you biggest fear?

– Not to have a happy home i guess …

– You guess ?!

– No, this is it. I’ve always been afraid and thought about this … to find myself in a unhappy marriage and realize that too late.

– Explain please …

– I’ve seen lots of people doing it, they got carried away and finish bad.

– Why do you think this happens?

– Maybe we, sometimes, don’t have the guts to say no to big cross roads in our life. We don’t like 180 deg. turns in life, we go on with something that’s not ok with us, hoping things will change with time. We are too judge mental or we choose one or two things that we want satisfied. We are selfish, obsessive and we try to steal the other’s life to satisfy our perfect idea of how both of us should live … Women are experts with that …

– Moron !

Pretty funny to see that coming from the mouth of an educated old woman, but i kinda like her style so i’ll be ok with that.

– Thank you very much.

She paused and went on …

– What do you think it means to love someone ?

– To enjoy the other person the way he/she is. You don’t enjoy a cherry tree if you keep cutting the branches. Of course you’ll get the shape you want but it will not be the same harmonious shape nature is giving to the tree.

Her eyes were getting big and started to go uncontrolled and for a moment i thought i saw a twitch in her arm or it was my eye that played tricks on me. She cut me off.

– Please go!

I decided it not to push things, but i was right, something deep is going on with her. I left the maze and went back to Dorothy. I spent my day with the people from “Thousand Oaks”, talking to them and laughing with them, but i kept thinking about Mrs.Hackelby.


Three days later.

[SFX: Knock Knock]

O opened the door and the mailman, an old man but full of joy, very Einstein looking, gave me a letter. I thank the mailman and went inside the trailer.

On the envelope it was written:

From: “Saint Mary Orphanage”

To: Mister Mark Lecter

Addr.: The trailer by the docks, you’ll find it.

Dear Mark,

The kids from “Saint Mary” would like to invite you on saturday to our annual summer party.

With love,


The letter was signed with tens of stamps of little fingers of all the kids in the orphanage.

At the bottom, in red, there was this addition to the letter which i don’t think was there in the first place: “MANNDATORY: BRIMG A GUEEST !!!”.


I spent the day with the kids at “Saint Mary” and in the evening i get to the porch where Mr. and Mrs. Fredrickson. They both were sitting in those rocking chairs, she was wearing this so normal country woman dress with the white hair wrapped on the back and Olaf, with his denim overalls just like a picture reminding the good old wild west settlers. You could sense the strong bond they have based on respect and friendship as they smile when the other is talking, when they finish each others sentences, when they find minute by minute, day by day, years by years happiness in each other existence.

I could watch them talk for days but i have to dive in these ocean of calm.

– How are you? How are you dealing with the kids?

Olaf looked at Alexandra and smiled to give her the turn to speak. She turned her eyes to me.

– We are great, we love each and every one, they are the light in our souls but …

She looked at the earth.

Mr. Fredrickson continued as to save her.

– We missed our daughter.

– Where is she?

I asked.

– Next month she’ll come back home.

– Isn’t this a great thing …

Mrs. Fredrickson still looking down and Mr. Fredrickson continued.

– After her childhood health problems disappeared Anna was so eager to thank us and she promised we’ll be proud of her. She studied very hard and became a lawyer and got a job at the biggest law firm in the big city and she became very successful, she met this guy, a colleague, very nice guy … they get married …

I admit i was in this biggest fog, i feared that something was wrong but i couldn’t stop.

– So ?!

– She find out she could not have kids. They both wanted kids so much, her husband didn’t cope with the situation and they separated.

– I’m terribly sorry …

I said to them as i reached and put my hand on Mrs. Fredrickson’s hand as a tear came down her cheek. She wipe the tear with the other hand.

– It’s alright, she’s coming home …

Olaf helped her again.

– She’ll have twenty kids of her own.

Olaf looked at me with sorrow and some anger int eh same time.

– What is with young people this days? Why they suffer that much, why can’t people get along as old hags like us could do it for years?

– I think it’s the high pace we’re living in, we trow away broken things. How long is since you two have been married?

– Forty years.

– Forty ?!?! How could you still be here, both of you after forty years?

They looked at each other and smiled. The sorrow wall was broken and they burst.

– For me it was love at first sight.

Alexandra started. Olaf was next taking turns.

– For me it was too. How i love that night when i asked you to dance.

– I thought you were a redneck but thank God i was mistaken.

– Me redneck?! I was and i still am the most romantic man alive.

– You wish honey …

We both started to laugh and i jumped in.

– Do you think it’s romance that get you together all these years?

Mrs. Fredrickson looked at me with that look on her face “poor boy, just a boy”.

– You see Mark, love is eternal but only when you nurture it when it’s not there. Look at the sky and the land, they cannot survive only if it’s sunny outside. We think that the land, the sun, the rain, the wind live in this harmony because they all understand each other, they understand they all have to be together one way or the other. They do not try to change each other, they just enjoy every sun shine, every rain drop, every wind blow.

She looked at me as i try to figure it out in my head.

– Don’t use your head for this and you will feel it.

I smiled. Olaf get closed to me putting his arm as to Alexandra not to hear, but he spoke loud enaugh.

– Also, a man to man advice, when you are in an argument with a women, try to understand that if you really know how to lose in the argument, you’ll be, in fact, the winner.

– I heard that …..

Alexandra shut us of.

– I get this invitation, have a look, it’s something fishy with that thing at the bottom. Who wrote that?

They looked at the invitation, smiled and they give it back to me.

– Take a wild guess.

Emily !

I turned my eyes and in the yard, i saw Emily playing, i excused myself to the Fredricksons and went straight to her.

– Excuse me, but i have to get an explanation to the young girl over there.

They both smiled as they looked other ways as they knew this will happen.


– Hello Emily, can i talk to you young lady?

She stopped looking left and right where to run, but she took a deep breath and replied.

– Can i help you with something sir?

I reached for the invitation and show it to her.

– There is this addition written in red here to bring a guest at the party, did you wrote that?

She looked at the ground in shame.

– Yes …

– It’s ok young lady, but i’m not from around here, how can i bring a guest?

She looked at me like she was trying to say sorry.

– The last day when you were here and we were eating our lunch, i saw you on the porch looking at a photograph and you were looking at it just like Mr. Fredrickson looks at Mrs. Fredrickson sometimes.



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